The Commit! Partnership

In early 2012, our community came together to collectively address the most urgent challenge facing our region and its future: the education of our children. Commit! was formed that same year to act as a backbone organization supporting an unprecedented coalition of stakeholders agreeing to work together to benefit students throughout Dallas County, from cradle to career. Currently comprised of over 135 organizations, the Commit! Partnership includes numerous public school districts, charter school networks, private schools, higher ed institutions, foundations, businesses, and nonprofits.

Moblizing Together

The scope of this effort is substantial. Collectively educating over 525,000 students in Grades K-12, Dallas County represents 10% of all students in Texas, the nation’s second largest state. As such, the Commit! Partnership currently represents one of the largest educational collective impact organization in the country.
The Commit! Partnership is anchored around the continual measurement of 11 critical community achievement indicators. 140+ community leaders, contributing more than 1,000 hours of time to date, have volunteered to serve on the Partnership’s six support councils, strategically organized to (i) focus on improving specific indicators and (ii) span often hard-to-manage continuum breaks (e.g., pre-K to K-12 or K-12 to higher ed).
The Commit! Partnership’s Leadership Council is composed of education, business, foundation and civic leaders from across the region. It uses its meaningful influence to help strategically direct resources to Support Councils and their Action Networks, rallies public support for Partnership efforts and advocates for the necessary steps throughout the region at the state level. Current Leadership and Support Council members are listed later in this report.
The Commit! Partnership has one true north: doing whatever it takes to ensure that all children in Dallas County are ultimately prepared for success in school, career and life. We also recognize that it will take a village to achieve this goal.

The commitment and capacity of our partners that has allowed our community to make extraordinary progress over the past two years. Together, we have focused our efforts on increasing awareness in early childhood education, creating proof points in early literacy and helping students overcome barriers to enrolling in college. We have helped increase and guide funding toward those initiatives that data proves to be effective.

Public & Private Institutions

Public and private, working together for our kids
These institutions, all of whom have signed our Parntership Agreement, are committed to working diligently together to address the needs of our 800,000+ children.

Leaders & Experts

Community champions who have dug into the work
These leaders and experts have agreed to serve on seven councils focused on various components of our education pipeline, dedicated hundreds of volunteer hours.

Philanthropic Funders

Our generous supporters, for whom we can't do without
Funders from across our community have stepped forward to make it possible to hire a dedicated staff to support the Partnership’s work and ensure sustainability.