With over 1500 early childhood providers, 15 different independent school districts, 14 four-year colleges, seven community colleges, and 300+ nonprofits in Dallas County, it might seem absurd to throw yet another group in the mix. Why is Commit! a necessary piece of the educational landscape when there is already so much going on?

The fact that there is so much going on is exactly the point. Throughout Dallas County, there are valiant efforts that vastly improve outcomes for our community’s youngest citizens. Unsung heroes in our midst meaningfully impact students daily. Nevertheless, the reality of education in Dallas County is troubling and the impact of folks working in isolated silos is simply not enough. We have to come together, and we have to come together fast. Our students’ futures and our community’s economic vitality depend upon it.

For these reasons, Commit! is a necessary backbone organization to help breakdown silo walls and instead build an educational community that is cohesive, coordinated, and aligned in its endeavors.

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