The Commit! Partnership believes that using data as a constructive tool is essential to better serve every child in our community. Rather than using data to generate competition or place blame, we use data to improve our efforts continuously and collectively. In fact, the only time we single out a partner is to lift up a practice that is proving effective for students and that merits greater attention across the Partnership.

Community Indicators

The Commit! Partnership has identified 11 academic milestones along a student’s path from cradle to career. While these indicators are not the only ones that matter, they give us a consistent way to gather data on student achievement, set benchmarks for improvement, and track our collective progress over time.


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Achievement Scorecard

With the help of the Partnership’s Data Support Council, we compile and analyze student achievement data from a number of different sources. We then create an annual report – an Achievement Scorecard– for all of Dallas County.

The scorecard focuses on what is most important – our collective community’s results – rather than comparing district-against-district, or school-against-school, performance. It is designed so that anyone can quickly tell how Dallas County students are performing academically, all the way from kindergarten readiness through postsecondary completion. Using the scorecard, we can identify areas in which to identify effective practices and align resources to spread them across the Partnership.

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