Tuition Tuesday

Tuition Tuesday: Why You Should Volunteer

R. Gabrielle McCormick

This is one of my favorite times of the year. For Texans, the weather has finally cooled down; for sports fans, we have multiple seasons occurring; but most importantly, there are numerous opportunities to give back to our communities and others.

While I personally believe that you should volunteer all year long, there are tons of events taking place over the months of November and December. Please remember that numerous organizations and causes need our help throughout the year! This holiday season, let’s give a part of ourselves like we’ve never given before because all of us can create change in the world.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider or continue volunteering:

Helping Others: The biggest win is that you’re able to help other people. It’s always a great feeling to help someone else or to give your time to a group or cause.

Learning New Skills: Volunteering creates a myriad of opportunities for you to learn new skills. Maybe you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to market an event or fundraise. You may even learn how to cook by serving at a soup kitchen!

Meeting New People: Volunteering is also special because it brings together individuals from all walks of life. It presents the chance for you to meet new people from the community and possibly even make a few new friends.

All of these wins can be used to strengthen your scholarship profile. Here are some scholarships where you can highlight your volunteering activities:

JAM Paper Teacher Scholarship: Any student who is pursuing a career in education can apply for this scholarship. All you have to do is submit an essay regarding why you want to become a teacher.
Multiple Awards: $500
Deadline: November 15th
CourseHorse Learner’s Scholarships: This scholarship is open Students who will attend or are attending a college in the U.S. ages 25 and under. All you have to do is create a one page video or document about a topic you’re passionate about learning.
Multiple Awards: $1,000
Deadline: November 25th
Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award: BBG provides the Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award to recognize and reward a student who demonstrates a passion for volunteering, while maintaining a high level of academic achievement.
Award: $500
Deadline: November 29th
A Better America Scholarship Program: Global English Editing awards scholarships to students in the United States who intend to make a positive contribution to the country’s future.
Award: $1,000 (1 High School Student); $1,500 (1 University Student)
Deadlines: Vary Depending on Classification

Keep volunteering! All of our hard work will create a season of giving! Happy Tuition Tuesday ☺

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Tuition Tuesday: Become a Master Chef

R. Gabrielle McCormick

As the holiday season approaches, I find myself wanting to attempt new recipes. Please be aware that I do not cook, so the word attempt is very accurate! My friends often laugh because I watch Food Network and know a lot about food. Although I watch several shows, my favorites are those that display creativity, i.e. Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen.

I love them because they throw challenges at competitors. The chefs that win are always able to create something delicious, no matter what ingredients or circumstances they are forced to cook under. But why? These chefs win because they have mastered the basics. They understand flavor combinations, methods, recipes, and ingredients. Because of this, they can use their skills to overcome challenges and obstacles.

You’ve got to become a master chef, so that when scholarship opportunities are thrown your way, you can mix and create a masterpiece for your committee. Master the basics of good scholarship essays: tell a great story in a way that can easily be read, but uses proper grammar. It really is that simple.

Start mastering your winning recipe with this week’s scholarships:

Stokes Educational Scholarship Program: Stokes is open to high school seniors planning on majoring in computer science or computer/electrical engineering.
Multiple Awards: $30,000 per year
Deadline: November 15th
AAHD Scholarship Program: Open to full time undergraduate students and part time/full time graduate students, these scholarships are for students that have a disability.
Multiple Awards: $1,000
Deadline: November 15th
Frontier College Scholarship: Write a blog post about how digital learning and new technology is changing education.
Award: $2,000
Deadline: November 16th
Education Matters Scholarship: This scholarship is open to all students over the age of 13. Share why your education matters in this scholarship essay.
Award: $5,000
Deadline: November 30th

Continue to learn and train daily! Happy Tuition Tuesday ☺

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Tuition Tuesday: Strategy AND Massive Action

R. Gabrielle McCormick

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about success. Now while I have many different thoughts on what contributes to success, I think a lot of it essentially boils down to these two things:


Over the course of this semester/six weeks/quarter, you’ve gotten a lot of tactical tools to help you take things to the next level. You’ve gotten the strategy you need to go out and make things happen.

HOWEVER…A lot of you have failed to take MASSIVE action on some of the things you want, myself included.

We all have goals and dreams that we hope to accomplish. However, without repeatedly taking massive action…they will only remain goals and dreams. The scholarship process requires you to continually work. Opportunities may fall out of the sky, but what will you do with them? Will you take the steps necessary to obtain the level of success you believe you deserve?

What I can’t stress enough is that as we finish out this year, continue to fight for your dreams, to be hungry for success, and to recognize the effectiveness and efficiency of your actions.

My scholarship picks for you this week are concerned with causes and change that can only happen if individuals are committed to their success. Take a look at this week’s picks:

Voice of Democracy Scholarship Program: High School Students (Grades 9-12) – Submit an essay and recording on “Why Veterans are Important to our Nation’s History and Future.”
Multiple Awards Ranging from: $1,000-$30,000
Deadline: November 1st
Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum Student Essay Contest: Middle and High School Students (Grades 5-12) – Applicants must write an essay highlighting different topics relating to diversity in America. Prompts vary depending on grade level.
Multiple Awards Ranging from: $50-$300
Deadline: November 3rd
Prudential Spirit of Community Awards: Middle and High School Students (Grades 5-12). These awards recognize students who have given back to their communities.
Multiple Awards Ranging from: $1,000-$5,000
Deadline: November 4th
Intel Science Talent Search: High School Seniors – Create a full scientific report about research in any of the following areas: science, math, engineering, and/or medicine.
Multiple Awards Ranging from: $7,500-$100,000
First Major Deadline: November 5th

PLEASE NOTE: Although I’ve listed scholarships for middle and high school students, we’ll be tweeting and posting scholarships for college students all day. Stay on the lookout here: and

Take MASSIVE ACTION this week! Happy Tuition Tuesday ☺

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Tuition Tuesday: Money Is Power

R. Gabrielle McCormick

Over the months, we’ve talked a lot about how to get scholarships. However, we really haven’t discussed money management. Although scholarships are great, mismanaging those funds and your own money can land you in some pretty serious trouble. What do I mean?

You have to have some wealth principles and habits in place to maximize your scholarships. Think of it this way:

Money is similar to power or electricity. Compare it to when you’re charging your iPhone, iPod, laptop, or any other electronic device; you leave it there so that it can charge. When you’re ready to use it, you unplug it and do what you need to do. But we all know that when we’re going to be out for a while, we leave our device plugged up until it’s fully charged. If we have to leave before then, we sometimes even charge it in the car. Why? So that when we need it, we can use it.

Think about when your phone gets down to the last 20%. I have an iPhone, so when it’s down to 20% I feel like it’s at 8%. I’m extremely careful about how I use my phone until I can get to my charger. In reality, I should have been more attentive to my phone’s battery and monitored my usage around 60-70%. Money works the same way.

Consider what, where, and how you’re spending your paycheck and allowance. For many, paying for college is like the alert going off that your battery is at 20%. When this happens, most have to resort to student loans, take a semester off, or delay attending college all together. Watch your battery now, so that you can be prepared. If you’re already in college, play close attention to what, where, and how you spend your money.

Here are some scholarships to help boost your battery:

Courage to Grow Scholarship: In 250 words or less, explain why you believe you should be awarded this scholarship. Open to high school juniors and seniors, as well as college students.
Award: $500
Deadline: July 31st
Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Support Awards: This award is designed to assist low-income women with children, who are pursing education or training.
Award: $5,000 (5 Awards Given)
Deadline: August 1st
The American Road and Transportation Builders Association Video Contest: Create a 2-4 minute video about transportation in the United States.
Award: $500
Deadline: August 1st’s The Hunt: Every day from August 4 to August 10, DoSomething will reveal a new mystery challenge around a different cause. Applicants must complete each challenge to make a serious impact in their community.
Award: $10,000 (2 Awards Given)
Deadline: August 4th

Please reach out if you have a question. Some individuals brought it to my attention that we didn’t feature enough scholarships for graduate students. Now, it’s my goal to make sure to have at least one each week. So if you want to see something addressed or particular scholarships, just let me or the Commit! Team know! Happy Tuition Tuesday! ☺

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Tuition Tuesday: Why I Love Tuesdays

R. Gabrielle McCormick

I have a pretty crazy schedule. As some of you readers know, I’m a doctoral student. To add, I also have multiple businesses, two crazy dogs, and an ever changing addiction to games on my iPhones. (That is no typo. I have two phones…don’t ask ☺). Because of these things, I have to make sure I have a calendar that keeps me focused on my goals. Every weekend, I do a quick review of my past week’s activities to only find that Tuesdays are some of my most productive days; it almost never fails.

When figuring out why this happened, I discovered the following:

By Tuesday I’ve recovered from a weekend of family, friends, and fun.
I’ve had Monday to figure out what’s a priority for the week and what’s not.
And it’s still early enough in the week to give me time to complete large, weekly goals and projects.

The geek in me also discovered that these things happened on a Tuesday.


The planet Uranus was discovered on Tuesday, March 13, 1781.
It’s been said that the Great Depression started on Tuesday, October 29, 1929.
Elvis Presley died on Tuesday, August 16, 1977.
Also, the terrorist attacks of September 11th happened on a Tuesday.

On a lighter note, look at some of the other things that normally take place on Tuesdays:

Mardi Gras
Microsoft Patch Releases!

Going to college and being in college is about working towards achieving your dreams. I don’t know where the future will take you, but I know Tuesdays, specifically Tuition Tuesdays, are a great place to start putting things in action.
Here are your scholarships for this week:

Womenetics Advancing Aspirations Global Scholarship: This scholarship is designed to engage young people in pressing women’s issues and to connect students who are interested in the global advancement of women with thought leaders in impactful roles.
Awards: $2,500 – $5,000 (5 Awards Given)
Deadline: July 25th
Vacasa Travel Writing Scholarship and Photography Scholarship: Showcase your city with these two scholarships. One is an essay, the other is a photo. Open to HS juniors, seniors, and undergraduate students.
Award: $1,500 for each
Deadline: July 25th
SGNA RN General Education Scholarship: This scholarship is open to full-time nursing students. A short essay, recommendation letter, and transcript are required.
Award: $2,500
Deadline: July 31st
2014 Summer of Service Awards: Giving back over the summer? This scholarship recognizes students that are creating change in their communities. Plus, it’s open to students between the ages of 5-18! Award: $1,000 (Multiple Awards).
Award: $1,000 (Multiple Awards)
Deadline: July 31st

Now go and find your most productive day and CRUSH IT this week! Happy Tuition Tuesday ☺.

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Tuition Tuesday: End Writer’s Block

R. Gabrielle McCormick

With all of the tips and advice you’ve been receiving regarding admission and scholarship essays, I thought I would address a common question: How do you end writer’s block?

Undoubtedly, we’ve all experienced a time where we’ve lacked inspiration and motivation to write. The paper or screen is waiting for our words of wisdom, but we have no idea what to say or where to start. Here are a few of the things I do and suggest if you’re struggling with coming up with ideas:

Do something different or something that you enjoy.
Change your environment.
Watch YouTube/TV.
Ask others for input.
Last, but not least…write without worrying about what you’ve written – edit later.

I’ve used each of these tactics numerous times. Honestly, I try to incorporate them into my daily activities to keep my creative juices flowing. Although they’re not revolutionary concepts, they can work wonders for the psyche. If you get stuck or are not inspired by any of this week’s scholarships, use a tip to get you fired up.

This week’s Tuition Tuesday scholarships are as follows:

ERCA Community Contribution Scholarship Competition: This scholarship is open to all high school students who have recognized a need or problem in their community.
Award: $1,000 (25 Awards Given)
Deadline: July 12th
Media Fellows Program: Undergraduates must be preparing for a career in public policy, advertising research, management, planning, or buying (Open, but not limited to mass communications, journalism, marketing, and political science majors).
Award: $5,000
Deadline: July 16th 2014 Scholarship Essay Contest: Share the importance of having a purpose in this scholarship.
Award: $250-$2,500
Deadline: July 24th
Family Travel Forum Teen Travel Writing Scholarship: Open to students as early as middle school, write an essay regarding travel.
Award: $250 – $1,000
Deadline: July 27th

I’d love to hear some of the ways you cure writer’s block. Make sure you share with me over on Facebook and Twitter. Also, if there’s something else you’re struggling with, please make sure to let me or Commit! know!

Happy Tuition Tuesday ☺.

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Tuition Tuesday: It’s Halftime

R. Gabrielle McCormick

Although you may hate to think about it, it’s July 1st; the school year is right around the corner.

July has always been an important month to me because it symbolizes halftime. Halftime is a period when individuals regroup, readjust, and most importantly…recover.

Going into your halftime, I want you to honestly answer these questions:

How have you been spending your summer?
Are you following through on what you said you were going to do?
What must you do to finish the summer strong and prepare for a successful school year?

Use today to regroup, readjust, and recover. I want you to set yourself up for success with these scholarships:

The Movers Corp Scholarship: Showcase your online marketing skills with this scholarship.
Award: $1,000
Deadline: July 15th Scholarship: Write an essay highlighting everyday tips that can be implemented to reduce individual contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.
Award: $1,000
Deadline: July 15th
Platt Family Scholarship Prize Essay Content: This essay is designed to recognize Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War.
Award: $500-$1,500
Deadline: July 31st
Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship Program: Calling future science scholars! Apply for this scholarship for a chance at one of the two, $10,000 scholarships or one of the four, $5,000 scholarships!
Awards: $5,000-$10,000
Deadline: August 1st

Keep in mind these words by Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Remember: It’s never too late to start, but it’s always too early to quit. Happy Tuition Tuesday!

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Tuition Tuesday: Worth the fight?

R. Gabrielle McCormick

As our neighbor drove down the highway next to our community, she saw a little, black ball in the center turning lane. Puzzled, she turned around to make sure her eyes had not deceived her. Approaching the wiggling mass, she saw that it was indeed a puppy; a blue-eyed puppy. After searching for its owner for almost two hours, my neighbor knew that the little bundle of fleas and fur was becoming weary. She decided to take the puppy home, but her husband said it would be too much work to keep it and raise three boys. Alas, she stumbled upon my mother.

We already have a two-year-old German Shepherd. Although the puppy was cute, I knew that taking care of two dogs would be a lot of work. My mom and I decided to keep looking for the owner. I even went as far as to post a Facebook photo of the dog. This led to a bombardment of questions regarding our decision.

After a long conversation with my mom, we decided to keep the puppy. Her name is Blu.

I tell you that story for you to think about this: Are your scholarship essays worth the fight?

Little Blu had many people on her side. Our neighbor didn’t have to go back to pick her up; we did not have to keep her. There was something there within her innocent face that pulled at our heart strings. We fought to give her a chance to enjoy life.

Your essays have to elicit enough of an emotional pull to have people fight for you on scholarship committees. Make sure your essays this week justify their actions. Here are this week’s scholarships:

Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship Award: Tell how cyberbullying has affected you or why it is important to delete cyberbullying with this scholarship.
Award: $1,250
Deadline: June 30th
Breylan Communications Scholarship: Answer two questions regarding technology and college for your chance to win $1,000. (They also provide some good tips in regards to what the committee looks for)!
Award: $1,000
Deadline: June 30th
Do-Over Scholarship: What if you had the chance to “do-over” a moment in your life? What would it be? How would it affect you and your future? Answer those questions here.
Award: $1,500
Deadline: June 30th
The Josh Foss Institute Scholarship Contest: You’ve got PLENTY of time to create a video to inspire and remind viewers why our freedoms, Constitution, and Bill of Rights are worth defending.
Awards: $1,000-$5,000
Deadline: October 19th

Keep working hard! Happy Tuition Tuesday! ☺

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Tuition Tuesday: Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

R. Gabrielle McCormick

Did you know that what you do over the summer can cost or earn you thousands of dollars?

The next two, Tuition Tuesdays are going to be devoted to ensuring you have a solid foundation for your summer scholarship work. Remember, if you want to set yourself up for success, you have to do what others are unwilling to do. I’m not asking you to spend 5 hours a day on scholarships. However, simply committing 5-15 minutes each day to the scholarship process can make a huge difference.

Today’s Tuition Tuesday tip is fairly short: Plan the scholarship work you’re going to do over the summer. (Complete by Tuition Tuesday 6/17).

Here are some suggestions in helping you create your plan:

Decide how much time you’re going to commit to scholarships each day or week
Use a calendar to not only schedule this designated time, but to commit to your plan. I love Google Calendar
Plot your scholarship deadlines. The scholarships listed in Tuition Tuesday posts are a great place to start
Create a short list of common scholarship elements that you need. Decide on a deadline you’d like to have these items complete. The earlier, the better
High School Students – Reach out to your counselor for individual guidance, direction, or for tips that are unique to your school
Future College Freshman – Contact someone in the Financial Aid Office at your college to see if they can give you some pointers
Current College Students – Reach out to a professor to see if they have or know of any opportunities that fit your skills or interests

By doing just a few of these things, you can separate yourself from other students. Make sure you list these scholarships on your calendar:

Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants: Write an essay about the biggest difference between your generation and older generations.
Award: $1,000
Deadline: June 14th
Cliffside Malibu Student Scholarships: This scholarship allows you to create compelling online content through the use of text, video, or infographic. They even accept app submissions!
Awards: $4,000-$8,500
Deadline: June 15th 1st Semester and October 15th 2nd Semester
Global Lift Equipment Scholarship: Submit a short story from the viewpoint of an inanimate object. Essentially, you’re creating your own story like Disney Cars.
Award: $500
Deadline: June 15th
BigSun Scholarship: This scholarship is for student athletes. You must be a high school senior or already attending a postsecondary institute.
Award: $500 (Number of recipients varies)
Deadline: June 20th

Next week we’re going to talk about working your plan. If you need any additional help, you have my email and the contact information for the great folks at Commit! Happy Tuition Tuesday!

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Tuition Tuesday: Winners Never Quit

R. Gabrielle McCormick

Last Thursday, the Scripps National Spelling Bee was held. The beauty of this year’s competition was that it was the first time a tie had occurred since 1962! Can you imagine the pressure on the second competitor? When I thought about it, I immediately wondered what would have happened if he believed that the competition had already been won. What if when called, he assumed that the winner had already been crowned?

I want you to remember that there is always an opportunity for something bigger when working on scholarships. If you think you aren’t the “best candidate” for the scholarship, apply anyway; if there’s only one award with stiff competition, apply anyway; or if you don’t think you have the grades, apply anyway. Although you may not be awarded the scholarship, your essay and application could easily be forwarded to another committee. You may even be placed within a newly created, scholarship group. You never know what’s on the agenda of a committee or university.

However, you’ll never get anything if you don’t compete. You have to have the mentality that something good will always come out of the work you put into your scholarship efforts. Take a stab at these scholarships:

Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Education Scholarship: To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA, exhibit leadership ability, and participate in community service activities.
Award: Varies
Deadline: June 5th
Bruce Lee Foundation Scholarship: This scholarship provides an opportunity to one or more students who understand, appreciate and exemplify Bruce Lee’s passion for education as well as his qualities of honest expression, forward thought, self-exploration, and assertiveness.
Awards: $1,000
Deadline: June 13th
Collegiate Inventors Competition: Working in a team, applicants must submit an idea for an original invention.
Award: $5,000-$10,000
Deadline: June 15th
The Brand’s Deals Scholarship: Applicants must submit an essay explaining how their college experience has been/will be defined by remarkable frugality, ingenuity, effort, or thrift.
Award: $2,000 (Five Winners)
Deadline: June 15th

Maintain your grit! Happy Tuition Tuesday!

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