With the invaluable help of its Data Support Council, the Commit! Partnership presents its 2013 Community Achievement Scorecard. Rather than comparing one district to another or one school to another, this scorecard focuses on what is most important: our collective ability to support Dallas County’s 800,000+ students on their journey from cradle to career.

Click the button below to view and download a digital version of this year’s scorecard. Inside you’ll find:

  • Student demographic information and the trends we are seeing here in Dallas County
  • 11 key “cradle to career” indicators, or milestones, and why they matter
  • A snapshot of our community’s performance and detailed insights into the progress we are making against these 11 indicators
  • Specific call-out sections exploring core areas of focus, from Kindergarten Readiness all the way to Postsecondary Completion
  • More detailed local data related to Early Childhood, Grades 4-12 and Higher Education


View The Report

The Partnership will release this scorecard annually, identifying progress over the past year as well as remaining challenges to address. For a look back at our 2012 Annual Report and Scorecard, click here.